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What are those little things floating in my eyes?

"They may stand out when you look at something bright, like white paper or a blue sky. "

Eye Floaters or myodesopsias.

These floating spots is known as myodesopsias or Eye Floaters. This is a phenomenon quite common and usually harmless, which could take many different forms:  while some people see points, others describe circles, lines, clouds, even something like to spider webs. In most cases they are tiny impurities found in the fluid that fills our eyeball and that is known by the name “vitreous humour”.



Floaters increase with age

Vitreous humor is the fluid-like gel, composed of approximately 99% water, but it also contains salts, proteins and a handful of cells that sometimes can get to blur the vision when they are interposed with the light rays. When we are young, the vitreous humor has a gelatinous consistency, but as time goes by, it tends to deteriorate, becoming more watery. Occasionally, some strands of a protein called collagen, end up floating in the central area of the vitreous, where they take different shapes and sizes.. That is why this illusion of floating flies.

"They have a very variable shape and size and appear more as one get older"

As we age, therefore, the probability of perceiving myodesopsies increases. But, in addition to the passage of time, there are other factors that predispose to its appearance, such as high myopia, diabetes, eye traumas or surgical procedures such as cataract surgery or laser interventions.

When should I worry?

Report to the specialist immediately if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Eye Floaters tend to get worse over time or changes appear suddenly.
  • It comes accompanied by pain or visual loss.
  • They occur after surgery or ocular trauma.
  • You also perceive flashes or flashes of light.

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