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Etched with the iconic Ray-Ban Signature

AutHentic Ray-Ban lenses are customized to meet your vision needs and certified by the engraved Ray-Ban signature on the right lens and the RB initials on the left lens.

Ray-Ban graduado 2

Maximum Precision

Decades of lens manufactured expertise mean we've fine-tuned the fitting process, so that each lens is cut to fit its frame perfectly

Ray-Ban graduado 3

Device-Proof Lenses

On average, we spend 11 hours a day looking at a screen - which means 4015 hours at year. That's where ours Blue Light Filter comes in, reducing exposure to harmful blue light from digital device.

RayBan graduado 4

Hello Sunshine

Ray-Ban prescription lenses got you covered with UV protection thats keeps glare and reflections out of your way protecting your eyes against sun's rays

RayBan graduado 5

No more Distorsions

Ray-Ban DTS lenses are digitally optimized point by point on the back surface to guarentee greater clarity and a wider field of vision