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Makeup in 7 easy steps to looking radiant

This Christmas, Let Your Light Shine!

Glasses have become a trend; It is the star complement. Do you know how to put on makeup if you wear glasses? With some simple techniques you will enjoy your ideal complement and the perfect makeup to shine during these holidays.

1With this phrase in mind:

Simplicity Is the Key to Success. For people who wear glasses, the natural focus of their faces is the glasses. Therefore, do not seek to recharge your eyes with excessive makeup. Bet for:

*Simple makeup. The trend for this year remains still look “somekey eye”.

* If you have myopia, and you use glasses, you should try to achieve a feeling of increased eyes. Use illuminators or vanilla shades. Try light or bright colors.

* If you have astigmatism, you will have no trouble with your makeup. The lenses of your glasses will not create strange effects on your eyes so, luckily, your eye makeup does not have to vary.

*If you have Presbyopia or Astigmatism: Do not choose bright colors or too flashy. Opt for dark colors or earth tones.

*According to the shape of your eye: color tones can be used to highlight or emphasize. The dark shadows allow you to give your eyes a certain depth.


Rouge, for adding color?

Rouge not only serves to bring some color. It also gives shape and nuances to your face. Don´t forget that glasses usually provide an angular effect for the frames. To sweeten your face and soften the features you can also take advantage of this cosmetic. Though, not all colors are useful to you. Everything will depend on the skin and hair tone.

* Blondes are more favored with any pink shade, like brunettes with olive or fair skin.
* Brunettes or darker skinned chestnuts should use more brown or golden tones.
*  When you have light brown hair favor orange or reddish tones. Anyway, try that tone look like to the natural tone of your lips for a natural aspect.


Eyelash, ad infinitum!3

On many occasions, hastes can make you only use a smooth the mascara Eyelash Mascara. The trick is exactly the opposite if you wear glasses. Apply, ¡twice! It´s very simple, fix the first layer, wait a few seconds and apply the second.


Star of the event…4

Eyeliner! You can´t miss any of the Christmas events. Of course, keep in mind some simple guidelines:
* If your glasses are large or striking:you need to emphasize your eyes more, so the line has to pronounce it to highlight your eyes.
* In the case that your frame is smaller or discrete, bet on finer lines.
* ¿Myopia? If your refractive defect is myopia, apply the eyeliner on the outside of it. You look great!* If your problem is hyperopia, apply it into the inside


Your Lips5

One of the commandments of perfect makeup reads as follows: “on ideal makeup you have to choose between highlighting eyes or lips”. These guidelines if you wear glasses, they change! I mean, usually, if you don’t wear glasses, if you makeup your eyes in aggressive or marked tones, it´s better that you choose the lips for nude tones (colors similar of your skin tone). But, if you wear glasses, you do not have to.In fact, you’ll get a super sexy and feminine look if you paint them in red or pink.

6Eyebrows, don’t forget them!

Contrary to what may seem, frames of your glasses do not hide the eyebrows. On the contrary, they focus attention on them. Therefore, you can´t forget to take care of them. Make sure you to keep it under control, especially those rebellious little hairs

Miracle Color Correctors!7

Dark Circles Under Your Eyes? Be careful, if you wear glasses they will be accentuated. A few light touches in the corresponding places and, goodbye dark circles!

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