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Contact lenses at my age… Yes!

Multifocal contact lenses, a good choice for presbyopia

The passage of the calendar has consequences for the organism, also for your eyes. Presbyopia is not a disease, it is simply a physiological defect that begins at a certain age. The elasticity and power to focus is affected over the years, which forces us to use glasses for everyday activities such as reading the newspaper, writing a letter or distinguishing between different currencies when paying …

Forced to wear glasses ... No!

lentillas multifocales

People with presbyopia can also use contact lenses.

The onset of presbyopia does not mean that you give up contact lenses, as there are several options: one of them, multifocal contact lenses. These contact lenses, graduated both far and near, allow the brain to select the appropriate image for the distance of the object you are looking at, as well as progressive glasses.

They are available in different designs and powers to adapt the vision and lifestyle of each person. Some people with presbyopia wear contact lenses all day, while others opt for contact lenses for some activities and glasses for others.

You'll adapt...

The designs of contact lenses for Presbyopia have evolved a lot during the last decades. People who can use contact lenses without problems can also benefit from the advantages of bifocal and multifocal lenses. To do this, they must have a well-functioning lacrimal system, a cornea in good condition, normal blinking frequency and the ability to wear the lenses comfortably most of the time.

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